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FrameForge 4 CORE
Director's Pad - USB Control Pad for FrameForge 3D Studio
The Crime & Justice Expansion Pack adds 70 law-enforcement related objects including men and women - Caucasian, Black and Asian - dressed as police officers with a variety of hats and accoutrements and dressed as SWAT officer with or without assault vest, night vision goggles and camouflage fatigues.

Also includes vehicles, props and three new sets: Courtroom, Jail block, and Police Bullpen.

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The Military Expansion Pack adds over 125 high quality objects and actors covering uniformed soldiers (in three ethnicities), vehicles & weapons of war such as tanks and aircraft, ranging from WWII to the present. It includes men and women dressed in everything from a casual pilots jacket through dress uniform, drill sergeant, and various field operatives, all with a wide range of customization and options.

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The Emergency Response Expansion Pack adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces and actors covering the area of Fire, Health and Safety. It includes men and women dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses in addition to firefighters, and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.

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The World Clothing Expansion Pack adds 83 new ethnic and period clothing styles covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, Medieval Europe and the American West.

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The Reel Faces Expansion Pack adds 250 new Actors in five ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasion, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) all created from photographs of real people.

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The Stock Sets Expansion Pack contains over 60 fully dressed sets along with over 250 other new objects.

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FrameForge 4 | Pro is designed with the professional filmmaker in mind. If you are a working director, cinematographer, or VFX supervisor, FrameForge will save you time, money, and headaches.

FrameForge 4 Pro includes more cameras, green screens, depth-of-field, prime lenses, and ground glass. It also includes camera equipment such as jibs, tripods, cranes, and dolly tracks.

  • Previsualize the use of camera and support equipment including dollies, tracks, and jibs.

  • Export and share detailed equipment reports listing all the physical equipment and requirements to get each shot.

  • Import your script from industry-leading software like Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Fade In, Celtx, and Adobe Story.

  • Control air transparency, fog, smoke, and sunlight for even more control over your shots.


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"FrameForge is a new category of software that targets the rapidly growing interest in pre-planning movies on the computer. This is a product destined to become the first choice of filmmakers looking to take control of the visual design of their pictures."

-- Steven D. Katz, Author, Film Directing Shot by Shot

"FrameForge expanded my ideas about coverage in a way that traditional storyboarding never has. It also showed me ideas that simply wouldn't work in real-world applications because of the spacing of the room, position of the actors, and so on. I was able to solve many problems without losing a single moment of real production time."

-- Jay Holben, Director of Photography/Cinematographer