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FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 CORE - PREMIUM Edition

Includes the full program
and 7 expansion packs:

Crime & Justice
Emergency Response
World Clothing
Reel Faces
Stock Sets (2nd edition)

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Professional - PREMIUM ed.

Stereographic - PREMIUM ed.
Director's Pad - USB Control Pad for FrameForge 3D Studio
The Crime & Justice Expansion Pack adds 70 law-enforcement related objects including men and women - Caucasian, Black and Asian - dressed as police officers with a variety of hats and accoutrements and dressed as SWAT officer with or without assault vest, night vision goggles and camouflage fatigues.

Also includes vehicles, props and three new sets: Courtroom, Jail block, and Police Bullpen.

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The Military Expansion Pack adds over 125 high quality objects and actors covering uniformed soldiers (in three ethnicities), vehicles & weapons of war such as tanks and aircraft, ranging from WWII to the present. It includes men and women dressed in everything from a casual pilots jacket through dress uniform, drill sergeant, and various field operatives, all with a wide range of customization and options.

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The Emergency Response Expansion Pack adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces and actors covering the area of Fire, Health and Safety. It includes men and women dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses in addition to firefighters, and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.

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The World Clothing Expansion Pack adds 83 new ethnic and period clothing styles covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, Medieval Europe and the American West.

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The Reel Faces Expansion Pack adds 250 new Actors in five ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasion, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) all created from photographs of real people.

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The Stock Sets Expansion Pack contains 24 fully dressed interiors and 16 exteriors suitable for immediate use as-is, or for adaptation to more specific locales.

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FrameForge Previz Studio 3 enables you to create a virtual 3D set in your computer with the freedom to place any number of virtual cameras in any placement, angle or height desired. Each camera features full Pan/Tilt, Dolly, Zoom, Roll and Crane control with the options to limit focal length to a specific zoom range or set of prime lenses, limit minimum and maximum heights (due to equipment limitations or physical ceilings) to accurately portray the actual range of your equipment. Its 'behind the scenes' power and filmmaker friendly controls will empower you to experiment and discover the very best shots to capture each story moment.

FrameForge is not about your mastery of the pencil but more how you can explore and see what your actual equipment will see. Find your artistry here and it's in the can!

FrameForge Previz Studio comes with well over one thousand World-Ready™ objects from a simple drag'n'drop library including everything you need to build exteriors, homes, offices, whatever. Searchable by name and organized in over 100 different categories, including 76 fully posable actors in four ethnicities. These actors range from babies, children, teenagers to adults, and these adults can be aged from 20 to 60 years old.

Save time, money and nerves by exploring each shot before you start shooting. Previsualize your project with FrameForge Previz Studio 3 and your printed or exported storyboards will not only be optically-accurate, but they'll give your cast and crew a true representation of your directoral intentions, including the technical information required to create that shot on location.

Join the previz revolution and ranks of professional filmmakers who have discovered the Power of Previz.

Get The Shots You Need

Need to start a crane shot from twenty feet up, then crane down around a school bus dropping off kids, and end with a push in tight on a doorway? With FrameForge Previz Studio, you can literally shoot all that just as if you were on location. You can even add in location/equipment limitations too. If you know that the room you'll be shooting in has an 8' ceiling, or you only have access to a 35-200mm zoom lens, you can enter those limitations for that set and FrameForge Previz Studio won't let you plan anything you can't actually do.

Present Your Vision

With FrameForge Previz Studio, the storyboard output is only a fraction of the value of the program. Of course, you can print your storyboards in grayscale or full color in any of fifteen rendering styles (normal, normal with outlines, cartoon, pencil sketch, pen & ink and 10 other fully customizable User Rendering Styles). But you can also view your shots as a slide show within the shot manager where you can tailor the duration of each shot down to a fraction of a second. You can export this slide show as a Macromedia® Flash or QuickTime® video viewable in any web browser or CD. Or perhaps you'll want to post the storyboard on the web or an intranet for your production staff as a collection of automatically generated HTML pages with full shot and textual information. Or finally, you can even export just the graphics to bring into Final Cut® Pro, KeynoteTM or PowerPoint® for presentation.

Working in 3D has never been easier!

Precise placement of props, actors, and cameras can all be done in an overhead Blueprint View, or switch instantly to any camera's view and move any object or actor around as easily as if you were moving a piece along a chessboard. Additional functions such as tilt, elevate and spin are accessed via easy-to-use multi-throttle controls.

Online Script Supervision

FrameForge Previz Studio imports your formatted script from all major script formatting software and word processors. Once imported, FrameForge Previz Studio can automatically generate blank sets for every unique location, and you can associate your stored shots with text in the script on a line-by-line basis, allowing you to visually see your shot coverage like never before.

Drag 'n' Drop Set Building

Quickly and easily create sets that give real world information with stretchable snap-together walls. Add movable, hinged single and double doors that open to any angle, and movable, completely sizable windows. You can give the walls a specific length and height, or build it freehand then read back their measurements for live set construction. And when you're shooting, you can make individual walls invisible for a specific camera in order to get a shot you couldn't otherwise without compromising the integrity of your set (this simulates pulling out a flat on a soundstage). Built sets can be reused in other projects, and shared among other FrameForge Previz Studio users.

More Than Interiors

With a number of supplied location "floors" (streets, grass, city intersections and so on), numerous prop & picture cars, buildings, trees and even topology objects, you can create the exteriors you need in very short order. Or perhaps you'll want to drop in one of the supplied panoramas for a 360 degree backdrop... or even go shoot a 360 panorama of your real location and bring THAT in as your set's backdrop.

Ultimate Shot Management

The Shot Manager allows you to view, rearrange, delete and edit any of your stored shots. Decide you want to tighten up a close-up, or give someone more headroom? Just double-click that shot and you'll be taken back to that set, exactly as it was when you first snapped it-including all actors, props and camera positioning. Make any changes you want and snap it again to replace the old version. You can add movement arrows and camera framing boxes-which designate zoom or pans within a shot-to your shot, then stretch, scale, flip, and tilt these arrows/boxes to create just the look you want.

Unprecedented Shot Information

Because you are previsualizing your project in a virtual set using cameras that are set to the exact video/HD/film frame size and aspect ratio you'll be shooting with , each shot is stored along with the camera's exact height, focal length and angle of view at the time the shot was snapped. In addition to the view and settings of a particular camera, the program also stores a bird's-eye blueprint view of the set, which gives you set layout, proportions, and camera position for that shot. All this information - including the blueprint view can be exported or printed out along with your storyboards, making your storyboards an even more dynamic tool in planning out set design, equipment needs, and best order of shooting.

Simple, Intuitive Interface

FrameForge Previz Studio's two major control areas will make you feel right at home. The Control Room is where you build your sets, place your cameras, and record shots for your storyboard. Then go to the Shot Manager to view and rearrange your stored shots, add movement arrows, shot framing boxes and additional descriptive text, and then even play sequences as slide shows with full control over individual shot duration.

Real World Object Interactions

Pre-established relationships between objects make it even easier. Drag an actor into a chair or onto a motorcycle and he'll automatically sit appropriately. Or drag a gun over to his ex-girlfriend and she'll grab it in her hand. Don't like that exact pose? No problem; adjust any of the actor's joints as desired, either with pre-posed full and partial poses (only affects some joints, such as an arm or head), or choose direct joint control with resolution down to individual fingertips to communicate your emotional and visual intent like never before. If you build a new pose/relationship we haven't thought of, you can save it, reuse it, share it with other FrameForge Previz Studio users, and even optionally designate it to be automatically applied when those specific objects collide in the future.

Casting Calls Made Easy

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 supplies thirty-two adult actors, thirty-two teenage actors, 8 child actors and 4 babies. They all come in four ethnicities, and the aldults can be further aged from 20 to 60 years old and they all can be dressed up or down from fully nude (except academic version of FrameForge) to a full suit or evening gown. Want more control? Adjust facial modifiers to give them a more roman nose, gaunter cheeks or other facial and body shape modifiers and choose among different hair styles and clothing to get just the look you want to make them unique. Save them as a new Character and you can simply drag'n'drop that new character into any scene. And while our actors come with many preset poses, you always have complete pose control of head, body, limb, and hand positioning to communicate your emotional and visual intent. Build and store a whole library of poses you create and share with other users.

World Ready™ Objects

FrameForge Previz Studio comes with well over one thousand posable, natural World Ready™ objects common to the home, office and outside world. Everything from school buses, bicycles, computers, guns and knives all the way down to the kitchen sink. They work like their real world counterparts too: Executive Chairs swivel & tilt, tensor lamps lift and bend, desk drawers open and trees even lose their leaves. And as you would expect, most of them can have patterns and colors changed so you can have that neon pink couch in front of the poster of Elvis... or a red convertible instead of a yellow one.


  • Significantly Faster Rendering - You'll know it when you see it.

  • Better Lighting Fall-Off - Rather than the sharp edges that Version 3.0 had for Spotlights, Version 3.5 implements a smoother, more realistic lighting fall-off.

  • Automatic Walk/Jog/Run during Tweening - Where a tweened actor would previously have just slid across the floor, in Version 3.5 he or she will now walk, saunter, run or jog as needed to get them from point A to point B in the time allotted by that tween.

  • HumanTouchª Tweening -- this new feature adds a subtle but substantive acceleration and deceleration to actor's tweened movement to make them look more natural and less robotic.

  • Camera Targets - Drop in a Camera Target on set and it will lock the current camera to keep that target in the same place in the frame regardless as to where the camera moves.

  • All New Posing Controls - Pose your actors faster and easier than ever before.

  • Improved on-set Access to all Object Hinges - Quickly pop up all the available hinges for an object making it faster and easier to get them into the position you want.

  • Dozens of All New and Improved Poses for Actors - Dozens of NEW, HAND CRAFTED poses and relationships in newly organized characters give you even more staging ease and flexibility.

  • New Auto-Sizing Floors and Ceilings -- You can now give any room its own floor or ceiling, automatically shaped to that room.

  • Curved Walls - While this is not implemented in Room Builder yet, there are new curved walls in the Walls folder.


  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • Dual-Core CPU or equivalent
  • OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics card with 128MB dedicated RAM

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    "FrameForge is a new category of software that targets the rapidly growing interest in pre-planning movies on the computer. This is a product destined to become the first choice of filmmakers looking to take control of the visual design of their pictures."

    -- Steven D. Katz, Author, Film Directing Shot by Shot

    "FrameForge expanded my ideas about coverage in a way that traditional storyboarding never has. It also showed me ideas that simply wouldn't work in real-world applications because of the spacing of the room, position of the actors, and so on. I was able to solve many problems without losing a single moment of real production time."

    -- Jay Holben, Director of Photography/Cinematographer