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FrameForge Previz Studio 3.6 STEREO - PREMIUM Edition

Includes the full program
and 7 expansion packs:

Crime & Justice
Emergency Response
World Clothing
Reel Faces
Stock Sets (2nd edition)

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Core - PREMIUM ed.

Professional - PREMIUM ed.
Director's Pad - USB Control Pad for FrameForge 3D Studio
Stereo 3D Filmmaking: The Complete Interactive Course

The first DVD class on stereo filmmaking shot entirely in live action Stereo 3D, and illustrated with clear and practical Stereo 3D animations.

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The Crime & Justice Expansion Pack adds 70 law-enforcement related objects including men and women - Caucasian, Black and Asian - dressed as police officers with a variety of hats and accoutrements and dressed as SWAT officer with or without assault vest, night vision goggles and camouflage fatigues.

Also includes vehicles, props and three new sets: Courtroom, Jail block, and Police Bullpen.

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The Military Expansion Pack adds over 125 high quality objects and actors covering uniformed soldiers (in three ethnicities), vehicles & weapons of war such as tanks and aircraft, ranging from WWII to the present. It includes men and women dressed in everything from a casual pilots jacket through dress uniform, drill sergeant, and various field operatives, all with a wide range of customization and options.

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The Emergency Response Expansion Pack adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces and actors covering the area of Fire, Health and Safety. It includes men and women dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses in addition to firefighters, and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.

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The World Clothing Expansion Pack adds 83 new ethnic and period clothing styles covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, Medieval Europe and the American West.

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The Reel Faces Expansion Pack adds 250 new Actors in five ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasion, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) all created from photographs of real people.

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The Stock Sets Expansion Pack contains 24 fully dressed interiors and 16 exteriors suitable for immediate use as-is, or for adaptation to more specific locales.

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The future of filmmaking has a new dimension: Stereographic 3D!

3D movies are no longer a fad, and shooting in 3D could be the single biggest change in filmmaking since the introduction of sound. When shooting a 3D film, depth becomes as much a tool in the filmmaker’s palette as light and sound and framing. Shooting great 3D requires a fundamental rethinking of how to frame and stage shots, and can influence everything from cutting patterns to art design.

The best way to ensure that a filmmaker is controlling and manipulating depth to support and enhance the film story – rather than having the demands of 3D-shooting control and limit one’s visual choices – is to use FrameForge’s Stereographic 3D Version to prepare.

The Stereographic 3D Version of FrameForge Previz Studio takes the Pro Version into a new dimension.

With all the features of the Pro Version, the Stereographic 3D Version adds all the features you need to previsualize your next 3D shoot, or even simply to better understand and explore the considerations, impact and effect of adding the third dimension to your filmmaking toolkit.

Powerful Real-Time Stereographic Tools

Powerful Printing & Exporting

  • Can Print Anaglyph Storyboards for use on set by all of the crew, even if you're working in a polarized setup, and the printouts will include all the stereographic information from the rig's interaxial and angulation (or planned post-image shift) to the distance to the screen plane and the maximum far distance line beyond which visible objects will have divergent positive parallax.

  • Can Export Animatics & Animation in a Variety of 3D Formats including left/right, top/bottom, anaglyph and separate left right streams at up to nearly 3 times greater than standard HD Resolution

  • Printing & Exporting of Ground Glass - you now have the option to have any Ground Glass be printed, exported along with each image. In addition, Ground Glass now shows up in the Shot Manager.

  • View and work Full Screen on an external monitor - if you have a second monitor attached to your computer, you can have the program display any camera view full screen on this second monitor.


  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • Dual-Core CPU or equivalent
  • OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics card with 128MB dedicated RAM

    BONUS ITEM: 3 pairs of red/cyan anaglyph glasses (boxed version only)

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