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Adds 70+ high quality objects and actors covering Police, Law Enforcement, Security, the Media and the Justice System.

The expansion pack includes all 32 standard version 2 men and women in 4 ethnicities dressed as judges, 3 kinds of police uniforms (formal and motorcycle cop in addition to a beat cop in both long and short sleeves), offers cool new SWAT uniforms in six different camouflage and solid patterns, and Masked Robbers/Terrorists in both standard street clothes and a para-military jumpsuit!

All costumes have a variety of accoutrements and user options, and also included in are a police car & motorcycle, SWAT van, a multitude of props for lawyers, reporters, judges, courtrooms in addition to security related props such as safes, lock picks, security cameras, keypads and secret service-style earpieces and hundreds of new relationships to make using these new objects a snap!

Also included is a building suitable for a courtroom or police station, and three new sets: Courtroom, Police "Bullpen" and Jail.


Requires FrameForge 3D Studio version 2 or FrameForge Previz Studio 3.

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