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Director's Pad - USB Control Pad for FrameForge 3D Studio

Adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces and actors covering the area of Fire, Health and Safety. It includes all thirty-two standard version 2 men and women in four ethnicities dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses (both with openable chest and brain cavities and removable organs) in addition to firefighters in tan and black uniforms (each of which also come as "clean" or "dirty"), and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.

All costumes have a variety of accoutrements and user options, and there are props and equipment for anything ranging from major surgery to checking for radiation leaks. Also included are fire and water spraying objects, a highly detailed and fully functional ladder fire truck, pump truck, and both fire and hospital ambulances with fully detailed interiors.

There are complete sets for a surgery, hospital room, morgue, waiting room, doctors office in addition to two types of exterior hospital buildings and fire stations with openable doors and emergency room entrance.

NOTE: The Patient/Corpse actors are realistic and are supplied fully nude so they can be "opened up" to reveal their organs which can be removed.


For FrameForge 2 and higher.

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