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Adds 125+ high quality objects and actors covering Uniformed Soldiers, vehicles & weapons of war such as tanks and aircraft, all ranging from WWII to the present.

The expansion pack includes all 32 standard version 2 men and women in four ethnicities dressed in everything from a casual pilots jacket through dress uniform, every day uniforms, trench coats and and various field uniforms, all with a wide range of customization, textures and options.

Also included are a multi-truck with options ranging from troop carrying to flat-bed loading, a Jeep, configurable Humvee, numerous hand-weapons and explosion objects, uniform accoutrements like campaign ribbons, marine logos, and a wide variety of hats and dress swords.

And of course, there are hundreds of new relationships for all of these props, and all of the weapons have appropriate and optional muzzle flames...


Requires FrameForge 3D Studio version 2 or FrameForge Previz Studio 3.

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