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Adds 250+ new Actors in five ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasion, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) all created from photographs of real people.

The Reel Faces Expansion Pack gives your previsualizations more life and authenticity with Reel Faces on your actors.

This Expansion pack consist of men and women--who can all be aged up to 65 years old--along with teenagers of both sexes, all with a minimum of at least 10 distinct faces in each age, sex and enthnicity.

In addition, this expansion pack gives all your actors, both the new Reel Faces actors and your existing ones, 11 new, more realistic hair styles that make use of transparencies to give a much better appearance of real hair along with over 13MB of optional hair colors and textures for even more customization.


Requires FrameForge 3D Studio version 2 or FrameForge Previz Studio 3.

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