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This extensive stock sets Expansion Pack contains over 60 fully dressed sets along with over 250 other new objects.

Comprising forty-two Interiors and twenty-two Exteriors, these sets are suitable for immediate use as-is, or for adaptation to more specific locales.

These sets include: a Complete Airport with a modular/break-apart commerical airplane, bank branch and vault, public library, bar/pub, parking garage, modular stairwell, Residential Basement, Bathroom, Bedrooms (adult, child, Baby), Dining Room, Living Room, a variety of corridors, Cafe, Diner, Restaurants, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Urban Streets, Alleys, Inner City Basketball Court, City Streets with Bus Stops, Parks, Brownstones, Playground, Country Roads, Residential Streets and more...

NOTE: Many of the interiors, such as the Public Library, Pizzeria, Grocery/Liquor Store, etc. also have fully detailed exteriors giving them even more flexibility and value.


Requires FrameForge Previz Studio 3.

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