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Dramatica Pro 4
Dramatica Story Expert 5
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 has virtually every feature invented to improve the screenwriting process. Whether you write novels, plays or movies this will format for you, leaving you to think about only the story. The power feature, SmartCheck, even finds and corrects common formatting errors before you print or send your story. Includes pre-production features for export to Movie Magic Scheduling.

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Outline 4D is a remarkable outlining program that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas.

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The Writer's DreamKit is a proven software program designed by writers for writers, a complete step-by-step fiction writing system designed for the aspiring writer.

The Writer's DreamKit StoryGuide handholds you from initial idea all the way through to completed narrative treatment, inspiring you and supporting you along the way. It's like having a successful author as your writing partner, sitting by your side and mentoring you! Unlike lesser writing programs, you actually create your story in the software. Here's how:

1. Structure Your Plot

Answer the Writer's DreamKit's thought provoking questions about your characters and plot. This narrows down the possible ways of telling your story to the one that best expresses your personal vision, and prompts the Writer's DreamKit to supply some answers of its own. Amazingly, it can show you which parts of your story are strong, and which need punching up!

2. Illustrate Your Story

Write specific examples of how each of your story decisions about character arc, theme, conflict, tension, story goal, plot points, etc. will play out in your story's scenes. At the click of a button, see how the great writers illustrated the same story points in their classic stories.

In-depth breakdowns of over 60 popular films, novels, plays, and short stories are included to give you even deeper insight into the story creation process.

3. Create Scenes

Now you weave together all the parts of the story you've developed so far. Determine how elements of character, plot, and theme will be revealed to your audience over time, and place your written examples directly into specific Acts, Scenes, or Chapters. Your step outline or plot synopsis is complete, ready to be honed into a killer first draft!



  • Windows ME, 2000, NT, XP and Vista
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 20 MB of hard disk space

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    "The most versatile and dynamic program of its kind, Dramatica is a sophisticated and intuitive tool than can benefit both the novice and professional..."

    -- Writer's Digest